Hypatia (Detail. 1874), by Odoardo Tabacchi (Italy, 1832-1905). Style: Academicism / Academicism.

The sculpture shows the great philosopher, mathematics and astronomer of late antiquity ′′ model of virtue ′′ and ′′ embodiment of beauty and knowledge ′′ already naked and helpless, shortly before being cruelly killed by a furious mob of Christians, probably directed by the Clergy of Alexandrina, in the framework of Christianity’s hostilities against the already declining Grecolatian paganism that Hypatia represented as knowledgeable and protective of the legacy of classical antiquity and leader of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria.

She was since then considered ′′ martyr of science “, a victim of defending the world of classical harmony to which she belonged but whose light was outted in the wake of the medieval world.