Terrace and observation platform at Blute-Fin 1887 van Gogh – Pimbrils. Artist: Vincent van Gogh Year1886 Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 44 × 33,5 cm Museums Art Institute of Chicago Location Chicago Portal Portal icon Art and Culture Context Edit Image

Montmartre viewpoint shows some figures on the terrace of the Le Blute-fin mill in Montmartre, from where a wide view of the city of Paris was given. Le Blute-end, at the time still completely outside the city, was at the time an important attraction for Parisian hikers and a well-known nightlife. [3] Joyful vivacity was reflected in Van Gogh’s change of style, which took place during this period.

The surprising thing is the sudden clarity on Van Gogh’s palette, reflecting the day not completely clear, even grey. In his style, he’s still clearly looking. He would rarely use the unusual combination of thin tones of white, grey and light blue colors for him. His latest characteristic divider style, with short stripes, isn’t seen anywhere either. It’s also surprising that he barely pays attention to sight. It’s about the impression of what you see on the terrace, without certain shapes or figures dominating. However, study the individual elements. Lanterns in particular have an almost individual effect.