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Dndshops Spirit of luxury and Refinement. Explore our Emblematic Creations. Crafting High Jewelry Creations And Watches. Exceptional Designs. Poetic Creations. Technical Innovation. Unique Craftsmanship. High Jewelry Collection.

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International Artisans. We want you to feel connected to the makers of our products. Read their stories and see how together, you are changing lives.


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When international orders reach their destination country/region, they may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.


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Dan Virgillito


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Gabriel Cornelius von Max

Gabriel Cornelius von Max, an Austro-Hungarian painter.′′ The Lion's Girlfriend ", 1908.In this painting he represents an ancient German legend, which once impressed him. A rich family girl had a little lion who grew up with her, played, ate out of her hands and was...

Hypatia (Detail. 1874)

Hypatia (Detail. 1874), by Odoardo Tabacchi (Italy, 1832-1905). Style: Academicism / Academicism. The sculpture shows the great philosopher, mathematics and astronomer of late antiquity ′′ model of virtue ′′ and ′′ embodiment of beauty and knowledge ′′ already naked...

Blute-Fin 1887 van Gogh – Pimbrils

Terrace and observation platform at Blute-Fin 1887 van Gogh - Pimbrils. Artist: Vincent van Gogh Year1886 Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 44 × 33,5 cm Museums Art Institute of Chicago Location Chicago Portal Portal icon Art and Culture Context Edit Image Montmartre...

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